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PC minister vows action on troubled small business grant system

By Alan S. Hale May 10, 2021

Small business owners describe the system in place to apply for government support amid pandemic restrictions as “amateurish” and “a nightmare,” as the PCs vow to fix problems that have persisted for months.

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Industry braces for looming clash over long-term care reform

By Alan S. Hale May 6, 2021

The PCs and opposition parties agree reforms are needed for the business model of long-term care after the government’s independent commission found a lack of direct profit incentives led care to be neglected by private nursing homes, but the parties remain far apart when it comes to those details.

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Feds take over environmental assessment for Highway 413

By Alan S. Hale May 4, 2021

Ottawa has decided to take over the environmental impact assessment of the controversial proposed Highway 413, which would run east from Highway 400 near Vaughan before joining Highway 401 near Halton Hills.

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Some PCs amplify Ford’s apology on Twitter — but more stay mum

By Alan S. Hale April 26, 2021

Twice as many PC MPPs tweeted about the importance of Earth Day last Thursday than voiced support for Premier Doug Ford's leadership after he apologized for his government’s widely panned Covid restrictions that same day.

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PCs back down in the face of a firestorm of criticism over new Covid restrictions

By Alan S. Hale April 19, 2021

There are bad news days and there are Bad News Days.

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PCs lead fundraising in Q1, raising at least $1.3M

By Alan S. Hale April 9, 2021

The Progressive Conservative Party continues to blow the other parties at Queen's Park out of the water when it comes to fundraising.

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Private app company staffing vaccine sites in Peel, Sudbury

By Allison Smith March 31, 2021

BookJane, a software firm that describes itself as a “gig economy” platform for the health-care sector, has partnered with Sudbury and the Region of Peel to staff their mass immunization clinics with doctors.

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‘Chilling third-party speech’: stakeholders weigh in on Bill 254

By Allison Smith March 30, 2021

The Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly heard from a fleet of stakeholders Monday on Bill 254, the legislation that doubles political donation limits and extends the per-vote subsidy.

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Program spending down by $4.8B as Covid-fighting booster funds shrink

By Allison Smith March 24, 2021

Ontario’s deficit isn’t going anywhere. The budgetary hole is now projected at $32.1 billion for the next fiscal year, down $5.4 billion from the year prior.

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Novelty betting, single-sport wagers and international liquidity pools: the possible futures of iGaming

By Allison Smith March 9, 2021

As the province moves to allow private companies to enter the online gambling sphere, a new discussion paper offers insight on the direction Ontario’s so-called iGaming industry could go.

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