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PC staffer fired over Freedom Convoy donation suing Ford, journalists

By Sammy Hudes May 5, 2022

A Queen’s Park staffer fired for donating to the Freedom Convoy in February is suing PC Leader Doug Ford and his chief of staff, along with the Torstar journalists who broke the story, alleging her career was “destroyed” for “political gain.”

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PCs awarded for scuttling golf course redevelopment despite goal to increase housing

By Alan S. Hale April 6, 2022

Housing Minister Steve Clark is defending the awards that he and other ministers accepted from Oakville Mayor Rob Burton this week for their role in helping prevent a golf course from being redeveloped into more than 3,000 housing units

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‘One piece of a puzzle’: As PCs tout by-name lists, Ontario contends with rising homelessness

By Sammy Hudes March 25, 2022

While experts praise Ontario for taking a much-needed step to boost understanding of homelessness, many say the efforts of Premier Doug Ford’s government haven’t adequately tackled the core factors of the worsening problem.

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Most Ontario businesses in line for ‘safe employer’ rebate

By Alan S. Hale March 16, 2022

Almost every employer in Ontario is a “safe employer,” at least as far as the PC’s upcoming Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) premium refund is concerned. 

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Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners sideswiped by PC labour bill

By Alan S. Hale March 2, 2022

Acupuncturists and other practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are crying foul over a little-talked-about piece of the government’s new labour reform bill they say would effectively “deregulate” their professions.

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Université de l’Ontario Français’ future uncertain due to poor enrolment

By Alan S. Hale February 16, 2022

The future of Ontario's long-called-for French university could be uncertain as just 33 Franco-Ontarians have applied for enrolment in two years.

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More PC donations by people linked to FH Health uncovered

By Alan S. Hale January 28, 2022

The NDP is now asking Ontario chief electoral officer Greg Essensa to investigate whether provincial laws guiding political contributions were breached after the party uncovered 10 more PC donations from people linked to FH Health.

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FH Health denies any quid pro quo after entire board donates to PCs

By Alan S. Hale January 26, 2022

A few months before FH Health was tapped by the province to run 10 GTA vaccine clinics, each member of its board of directors made the maximum allowable donation to the Progressive Conservative Party under their own names — and all within a few days of each other.

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Ontario Securities Commission says it is facing a crypto revolution, but regulating the market remains uncertain

By Alan S. Hale January 19, 2022

As cryptocurrencies go mainstream, financial regulators are feeling pressure to reign in the technology — without crushing the innovation going on in the crypto space.

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