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PC campaign director sues former Ford ally for defamation

By Alan S. Hale December 16, 2021

After months of being accused of corrupting the party from within, PC Party campaign director Kory Teneycke has slapped Premier Doug Ford’s former ally Charles McVety with a lawsuit.

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Privatization, ‘disconnect’ and help from the Hill: the PC’s poverty strategy one year in

By Sammy Hudes December 13, 2021

One year after the Ontario PCs launched their five-year poverty reduction strategy, ODSP and OW clients fear it's leaving vulnerable Ontarians behind.

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Union gives zero-star rating to committee’s gig worker designation advice

By Alan S. Hale December 10, 2021

The union representing workers in the gig economy roundly rejected a list of recommendations from the PC’s Workforce Recovery Advisory Committee on how to protect those workers on Thursday.

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Drama surrounds NDP nomination in Scarborough Centre

By Alan S. Hale December 5, 2021

The president of the NDP’s Scarborough Centre riding association has quit in protest over the party’s handling of the local nomination contest, which they say was manipulated to ensure Neethan Shan emerged victorious.

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Romano on the defence over allegations he wasn’t living in the Sault

By Allison Smith November 26, 2021

Heading into an election year, Government and Consumer Services Minister Ross Romano has his back up over locals’ impression that he and his family did not live in his home riding of Sault Ste. Marie for the better part of two years.

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Bill 37’s four hours of care requirement too ‘watered down’ and ‘unenforceable,’ committee told

By Alan S. Hale November 25, 2021

Increasing the number of hours of direct, daily care for nursing home residents to four hours is one of the much-boasted aspects of the PC’s long-term care reform legislation, but stakeholders speaking to the legislative assembly committee yesterday called the measure “watered-down,” “magical thinking” and “unenforceable.” 

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Indigenous art unveiled inside Queen’s Park chamber

By Alan S. Hale November 21, 2021

For the first time, there is a piece of Indigenous artwork inside the chamber of the Ontario legislature.

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Prepare for battle: WSIB rebate emerges as labour reform ‘poison pill’ to Opposition, stakeholders

By Alan S. Hale November 21, 2021

When Bill 27, Working for Workers Act, was introduced, there was some concern among opposition members that a “poison pill” would be hidden within the text. After three days of hearings last week, NDP members of the social policy committee appear to have found one they are unwilling to swallow. 

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PCs bet their re-election on highways and infrastructure as heat turns up on Bradford Bypass project

By Alan S. Hale November 2, 2021

The PCs appear to have settled on infrastructure projects, and highways in particular, as their winning issue with an election seven months away.

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