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PC’s human trafficking statistic based on withdrawn reports

By Allison Smith July 9, 2021

The Canadian Women’s Foundation says it disavowed a pair of reports used by the PC government to bolster its anti-human-trafficking policies more than three years ago.

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It will be an uphill battle for Horwath to top 2018 election performance: political scientists

By Alan S. Hale July 6, 2021

Despite NDP strategists’ insistence that Andrea Horwath remains a vital part of the party’s plan to attract voters ahead of next June’s election, experts say they’re skeptical the Opposition leader can build on her success of 2018.

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Province mulls ban on ‘significant’ AI decisions without Ontarians’ consent

By Alan S. Hale June 22, 2021

ntario is considering a prohibition on the use of artificial intelligence to make decisions that would significantly impact someone’s life without their prior consent.

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Employment recovery panel will take a hard look at the gig economy

By Alan S. Hale June 18, 2021

Labour Minister Monte McNaughton announced the creation of a new Workforce Recovery Advisory Committee on Thursday, which will be tasked with proposing reforms to Ontario’s labour and employment rules to better suit the post-pandemic world.

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Vaccines won’t be enough to fix crisis in Kashechewan, says Indigenous health authority

By Alan S. Hale June 16, 2021

Help is on the way to Kashechewan First Nation to ensure vaccination uptake among youth, per Premier Doug Ford, as the community copes with a growing Covid outbreak disproportionately impacting young people.

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Frustration mounts as Yurek dithers on solving sewage crisis in York Region

By Alan S. Hale June 8, 2021

The mayors of Newmarket and East Gwillimbury are “extremely disappointed” with Bill 306, the York Region Wastewater Act — new government legislation that will delay a long-awaited decision on how to solve the sewage capacity crisis in York Region.

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Report paints picture of ‘toxic culture of fear, harassment, discrimination and reprisal’ inside civil service

By Alan S. Hale June 7, 2021

Some employees feel the Ontario Public Service is “fundamentally racist,” according to a report produced by INDsight Consulting, which was tasked with investigating the workplace culture and policies at the 63,000-person provincial bureaucracy.

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A tale of two Tories: How Ford and Kenney paved divergent paths to unpopularity during pandemic

By Sammy Hudes May 31, 2021

Curious eyes in Ontario couldn’t help but gaze west last week as Premier Jason Kenney declared Alberta on track for a “fully open” summer, as part of a relaunch plan more aggressive — and perhaps hopeful — than the one unveiled just days earlier 2,000 kilometres to the east.

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PC candidate resigns in protest

By Alan S. Hale May 26, 2021

The PC candidate for Thunder Bay—Atikokan, Maureen (Moe) Comuzzi, has given up the party’s nomination over the province’s decision to make the Northern Ontario School of Medicine into its own institution, separate from Lakehead University.

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PC’s internal pollster seeks Ontarians’ feedback on third wave

By Alan S. Hale May 19, 2021

The questionnaire for a forthcoming poll obtained by Queen’s Park Today reveals Campaign Research is in the field gauging Ontarians’ reaction to the PC’s border attacks on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , among other things.

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