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Critics skeptical of proposed forestry reform

By Shannon Waters August 30, 2021

The NDP government has made big promises when it comes to the future of forestry in B.C., but some are skeptical its “intentions paper” on forestry modernization will lead to the significant shift the government is promising.

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The ‘activator’: Merrifield’s bid to build back the BC Liberals

By Shannon Waters August 6, 2021

Renee Merrifield is the first woman to enter the race to become the next BC Liberal leader and she is just fine with that — for now.

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‘Part of the continuum’: Experts debate child care and pay transparency

By Shannon Waters July 31, 2021

At a time when child care is having something of a moment in Canadian political and policy circles, investments in the sector are being talked about in terms of economic development — akin to infrastructure — instead of being relegated to a women’s issue. But when it comes to other policies to address equity issues, experts and lawmakers are less settled on the best approach.

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Committee witnesses call for B.C.’s per-vote subsidy to be preserved past 2022

By Shannon Waters May 28, 2021

Today is the last day the Special Committee to Review Provisions of the Election Act will accept submissions on the fate of B.C.’s annual allowance for eligible political parties.

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Gavin Dew says BC Liberals need to focus on ‘winning for the future, not dwelling on the past’

By Shannon Waters May 27, 2021

If the BC Liberal Party is serious about renewal and broadening its appeal, it needs to stop living in the past, according to the party’s youngest leadership candidate.

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Falcon willing to crack the whip to diversify the big tent

By Shannon Waters May 20, 2021

BC Liberal leadership hopeful Kevin Falcon has big plans for the party. The former cabinet minister is making his second run to be party captain with an eye on rebuilding and rebranding.

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NDP’s accessibility bill leaves advocates wanting more

By Shannon Waters May 6, 2021

The NDP government’s promised accessibility legislation hit the clerk’s table last week after years of consultation and development, but some advocates say they’re concerned it won’t deliver on its commitments.

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Green Party fundraising bests pre-pandemic first quarter, Liberals down 62 per cent

By Shannon Waters May 5, 2021

The first quarterly financial reports are out, and the BC Greens were the only party to report receiving more donation dollars so far this year than in the first quarter of 2020, when the Covid pandemic derailed fundraising efforts in the final weeks of March.

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B.C. considering mixing and matching vaccines

By Shannon Waters April 29, 2021

Despite a decrease in expected Moderna shipments, the Ministry of Health says it expects to deliver second shots of the vaccine on time as health-care workers immunized in January and early February approach the end of their four-month vaccine interval.

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Premier’s office spending set to increase 30 per cent this year

By Shannon Waters April 26, 2021

B.C.’s government ministries are expected to spend $47 billion this fiscal year — a 5.6 per cent increase from the $44.5 billion spent in 2020-21.

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