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Wind should play a bigger role in B.C.’s energy mix, experts say

By Sammy Hudes August 5, 2022

A proposed 164-turbine onshore wind farm poised to generate up to one gigawatt of power has B.C. experts looking east for inspiration to tackle a potential shortage of green energy that will be needed to power the province's grid.

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Don’t call him an activist: Eby vows more public cash for housing

By Shannon Waters July 25, 2022

David Eby is not the “activist” some of his most ardent supporters and detractors alike believe him to be.

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‘What’s happening now is not working’: Some consensus, lots of tension on addiction treatment in B.C. 

By Shannon Waters July 19, 2022

When she appeared before the Select Standing Committee on Health earlier this month, Susan Hogarth painted a bleak picture of B.C.’s toxic drug crisis.

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Advocates slam lack of surgical abortion services in Fraser Health hospitals

By Shannon Waters July 5, 2022

Abortion-rights advocates say that hospitals in one of B.C.’s largest urban centres do not currently provide surgical abortions.

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B.C. can afford to up public sector wages by five per cent: CCPA

By Shannon Waters June 28, 2022

The province should cough up the cash to give public sector workers “a fair deal,” according to Alex Hemingway, senior economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

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‘A failure of will’: Cullen commission finds fault but no evidence of corruption

By Shannon Waters June 16, 2022

Cabinet ministers, high-level bureaucrats and law enforcement officials were aware B.C. had a problem with dirty money for nearly a decade, but not nearly enough was done to turn the tide until 2018.

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B.C. business groups tell finance committee they want lower taxes 

By Shannon Waters June 14, 2022

The Surrey Board of Trade and the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade want the province to conduct “a comprehensive tax review” as businesses find themselves “buried in provincial debt, rising inflation and an even higher cost of living” in the wake of the pandemic.

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Recommended B.C. legislature reforms still lacking after three years

By Shannon Waters June 6, 2022

In the wake of the 2018 legislature spending scandal, “significant changes” to the Legislative Assembly’s operations were made to ensure the fraud and breach of trust committed by ex-clerk Craig James “never happen again,” according to government house leader Mike Farnworth.

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Cadieux hopes to see ‘more people like me’ in BC Liberal caucus

By Shannon Waters May 2, 2022

Cadieux leaves with two pieces of business unfinished: her private member’s pay transparency legislation and a bill that would implement accessibility standards for new housing.

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