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FOI filings now 10 bucks a pop

By Shannon Waters November 30, 2021

The NDP government wasted no time in implementing filing fees for Freedom of Information requests, as enabled by the revamped Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Amendment Act.

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Privacy commissioner details concerns about FOIPPA amendments

By Shannon Waters October 21, 2021

It took B.C. information and privacy commissioner Michael McEvoy seven pages to detail his concerns about Bill 22, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Amendment Act, including his “overriding concern” about what the proposed legislation lacks: details about how its myriad amendments will work in practice.

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Would-be Liberal leaders need a plan to get out of opposition: Polak

By Shannon Waters October 14, 2021

Watching the inaugural BC Liberal leadership debate last month gave former Liberal MLA Mary Polak déjà vu.

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Starting Gunn: Seventh candidate joins Liberal leadership race

By Shannon Waters October 13, 2021

After months of coy maneuvering and plenty of speculation, Aaron Gunn officially announced his bid to become the next BC Liberal leader on Saturday.

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A ‘not boring’ Liberal leadership debate

By Shannon Waters September 30, 2021

Tuesday night saw the six people hoping to be the next BC Liberal Party leader spar on stage for the first time.

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Employers lobby against paid sick leave

By Shannon Waters September 24, 2021

Corporate pressure has been mounting since B.C. moved to implement a three-day temporary sick pay program and announced its intention to bring in a permanent one next year.

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June heat dome was deadliest weather event in Canadian history

By Shannon Waters September 16, 2021

The June heat dome that drove temperatures across B.C. to record-breaking highs was the deadliest weather-related event in Canadian history — roughly three times as deadly as the 2010 heat wave that hit Montreal, causing 280 excess deaths.

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The B.C. wine glut that wasn’t

By Shannon Waters September 9, 2021

In the first months of the pandemic, the Wine Growers British Columbia Society was worried that an inability to get their product to consumers would result in “a backlog of inventory and an oversupply of grapes” at B.C. wineries.

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Critics skeptical of proposed forestry reform

By Shannon Waters August 30, 2021

The NDP government has made big promises when it comes to the future of forestry in B.C., but some are skeptical its “intentions paper” on forestry modernization will lead to the significant shift the government is promising.

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The ‘activator’: Merrifield’s bid to build back the BC Liberals

By Shannon Waters August 6, 2021

Renee Merrifield is the first woman to enter the race to become the next BC Liberal leader and she is just fine with that — for now.

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