Publisher’s note: A special Queen’s Park Today election offer

By Allison Smith May 1, 2022

Hello Queen’s Park watchers,

Allison Smith here, publisher of Politics Today.

For the first time ever, Queen’s Park Today’s political newsletter will be available to non-subscribers for the duration of the election campaign — Wednesday, May 4.

For just $79 you will receive full access to the most comprehensive and dynamic coverage of the campaign trail, with newsletters landing in your inbox at 6 a.m. every business day.

We will be covering the people, policies and polling driving the campaign — plus all of the fun stuff that happens along the way. If a campaign bus breaks down on the hustings or a politico gaffes on social media, you’re going to know about it.

Want to know what you’re missing? Take a look at this sample issue of Queen’s Park Today.

Sign up now. Or feel free to reach out to our sales manager Sean Hansel at with any questions.

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