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Ontario News Now promos several companies whose execs donated to PC Party

By Allison Smith July 29, 2019

Ontario News Now, the Ford government’s promotional arm, has churned out several videos promoting companies run by executives who have donated to the PC Party.

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Michael Lublin considering bid for Ontario Liberal Party leadership

By Sabrina Nanji May 8, 2019

Michael Lublin says some Grits may consider him an unlikely contender for their next leader, but that an outside perspective — even from a former supporter of conservative politicians — might be just what the party needs to come back after last year’s decimating election defeat.

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Ethics watchdog clears Ford but finds Taverner hiring ‘troubling’

By Sabrina Nanji March 21, 2019

Premier Doug Ford did not breach the integrity act in the recruitment of his personal friend Ron Taverner as OPP commissioner — but the process was “troubling,” says the ethics watchdog.

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Treasury Board tightening grip on internal audits, memo suggests

By Sabrina Nanji March 18, 2019

In a bid to strengthen financial oversight, the government is centralizing control over internal audit processes, something sources say could wind up diluting the power of the public service.

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Brief: Ford government delays Orders of Ontario

By Sabrina Nanji March 13, 2019

Don’t hold your breath for the 2018 Orders of Ontario. Queen’s Park Today has learned the highest honour in the province — traditionally bestowed in January — has been pushed back for months because there’s no one to pick the winners.

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Ontario proposal to cap psychotherapy panned by mental health docs

By Sabrina Nanji February 11, 2019

Doctors are gearing up to battle the provincial government’s proposal to cap psychotherapy treatment and cleave their pay in a move the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) says would see the neediest mental health patients suffer most.

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Metrolinx removes EV charging station from GO Station parking lots, citing low demand

By Allison Smith January 10, 2019

Metrolinx has removed 24 electric vehicle charging (EV) stations from GO Station parking lots across the GTA, winding down a 2013 pilot project that aimed to increase EV use amongst commuters.

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Ontario Proud election ad campaign bankrolled by big corporations

By Sabrina Nanji December 12, 2018

Ontario Proud’s biggest donors are real estate developers and construction companies.

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Highlights from Ford Fest 2018

By Sabrina Nanji September 24, 2018

Ontario Premier Doug Ford rallied thousands of supporters this weekend at Ford Fest, an annual barbecue that has been hosted at the Ford family home in Etobicoke (and occasionally in public parks in Etobicoke and Scarborough) for more than 20 years.

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