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UCP dissident Leela Aheer hopes to stay in the running

By Catherine Griwkowsky September 28, 2022

Polls that place Leela Aheer among the least likely to win the UCP leadership race aren’t fazing the candidate.

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Dispute over Métis rights escalates as new paper attacks evidence underpinning provincial recognition

By Alan S. Hale September 15, 2022

In his latest research paper, former St. Mary’s University professor Darryl Leroux sets out six criteria he argues must be met for the Abitibi-Inland Métis community to reach “the minimum threshold for a distinctive community,” all of which he argued the evidence provided by the MNO had failed to meet.

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Patrick Brown rival banking on diverse support, lack of baggage in Brampton race

By Alan S. Hale September 14, 2022

Brampton mayoral candidate Nikki Kaur has attracted the support of some well-connected advisors, including Doug Ford-ally and pollster Nick Kouvalis, who is serving as a senior advisor for her campaign.

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Small government, ‘big citizens’: Poilievre opens his tenure

By Palak Mangat September 13, 2022

New Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is well-positioned to hammer the government on its economic agenda heading into the fall sitting, say some party insiders, but other experts predict it is only a matter of time until the Tories’ social conservative faction rears its head.

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Cherry Smiley enters BC NDP race hoping to provide a ‘different perspective’

By Alec Lazenby September 12, 2022

With a challenge for the leadership of the NDP, women’s rights activist and scholar Cherry Smiley is hoping to bring awareness to struggles facing women, seniors, and people suffering from drug addiction in B.C.

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As 7-Eleven ekes out liquor licence approvals, Ford’s office rules out tearing up master agreement with the Beer Store

By Alan S. Hale August 23, 2022

7-Eleven is winning its fight to sell booze in Ontario. Since February, the U.S.-based convenience store chain has been quietly piling up victories at the Licensing Appeal Tribunal, which has ordered the province’s alcohol regulator to issue liquor licences to seven of its stores.

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Ontario’s assessment-heavy approach only ‘first step’ in climate change adaptation, warns report

By Palak Mangat August 22, 2022

Published last week by Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, the federal analysis describes an 'adaptation deficit' in Ontario.

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Schulz thinking long term with leadership aspirations

By Catherine Griwkowsky August 18, 2022

Rebecca Schulz has her eyes set beyond winning the hearts and minds of UCP members in the leadership race.

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Secondary unit must have private entrance for home renovation tax credit, per draft rules

By Palak Mangat August 11, 2022

The federal government peeled back the curtain on a swath of budget measures aimed at the housing file this week, outlining draft legislative proposals for a new tax credit.

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