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Feds mum on timeline for Bennett’s tobacco manufacturer crackdown

By Palak Mangat January 31, 2023

Mental Health and Addictions Minister Carolyn Bennett’s mandate letter orders her to ensure tobacco companies “pay for the cost of federal public health investments in tobacco control,” though little details have been offered since the document was published in December 2021.

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Ontario PC pollster floats back-to-work bill for teachers, separate health-care deal with feds

By Alan S. Hale January 23, 2023

A poll by PC-linked firm Campaign Research floats the possibility of Ontario cutting a solo deal with the federal government for an increase in federal health-care funding and asks respondents their views on Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.

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Freeland mum on when career extension tax credit will come forth

By Palak Mangat January 16, 2023

Agencies working to connect older Canadians with jobs are happy Ottawa is promising to develop a “career extension tax credit,” though some predict it will fall short of driving the “wholesale culture change” needed.

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Small government, ‘big citizens’: Poilievre opens his tenure

By Palak Mangat September 13, 2022

New Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is well-positioned to hammer the government on its economic agenda heading into the fall sitting, say some party insiders, but other experts predict it is only a matter of time until the Tories’ social conservative faction rears its head.

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Ontario’s assessment-heavy approach only ‘first step’ in climate change adaptation, warns report

By Palak Mangat August 22, 2022

Published last week by Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, the federal analysis describes an 'adaptation deficit' in Ontario.

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