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Small government, ‘big citizens’: Poilievre opens his tenure

By Palak Mangat September 13, 2022

New Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is well-positioned to hammer the government on its economic agenda heading into the fall sitting, say some party insiders, but other experts predict it is only a matter of time until the Tories’ social conservative faction rears its head.

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Ontario’s assessment-heavy approach only ‘first step’ in climate change adaptation, warns report

By Palak Mangat August 22, 2022

Published last week by Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, the federal analysis describes an 'adaptation deficit' in Ontario.

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Secondary unit must have private entrance for home renovation tax credit, per draft rules

By Palak Mangat August 11, 2022

The federal government peeled back the curtain on a swath of budget measures aimed at the housing file this week, outlining draft legislative proposals for a new tax credit.

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Lack of ‘rules’ in MAiD’s incurability test means leaning on ‘clinical hunch,’ says prof

By Palak Mangat May 26, 2022

As Canada prepares to allow people to request medical assistance in dying (MAiD) to address an incurable mental illness, the country runs the risk of seeing people “needlessly die” if assessors are relying on their “clinical hunch,” one expert warned parliamentarians yesterday.

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Younger Canadians view voting as choice, not duty: Elections Canada

By Palak Mangat May 8, 2022

While lowering the voting age to 16 is “fundamentally” a policy decision for parliamentarians to make, Elections Canada officials highlighted a “registration gap” Thursday for those under 25, acknowledging there remain barriers to voting for younger Canadians.

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‘Foot off the accelerator’: feds’ budget benefits men more than women

By Palak Mangat April 19, 2022

Despite dubbing their latest budget a “feminist” blueprint, some experts say the Liberals’ spending plans mean sectors of the economy dominated by a male workforce are set to receive disproportionate support from Ottawa.

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Russian invasion hikes cost of business, but impact on firms’ sales ‘ambiguous’: Bank of Canada

By Palak Mangat April 5, 2022

A record number of businesses feel they will have some or significant difficulty in meeting unexpected increases in demand, caused mainly by labour “bottlenecks” and supply chain challenges, according to a new Bank of Canada report.

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What federal parties can learn from confidence and supply in B.C.

By Shannon Waters March 23, 2022

British Columbians are no strangers to confidence-and-supply agreements like the one just signed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh after living under a government committed to a similar setup for just over three years.

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