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Tory MP says expulsion of senator warranted over petition challenging O’Toole’s leadership

By Palak Mangat November 16, 2021

A petition launched by Conservative Senator Denise Batters calling for a review of Erin O’Toole’s leadership within six months prompted frustration within CPC ranks yesterday, with thrice-elected MP Ron Liepert calling it grounds for her expulsion from the party’s Upper Chamber caucus.

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No more excuses to delay declaration of victim rights, say experts, survivors

By Palak Mangat November 11, 2021

As Ottawa works to move on interim recommendations on the embattled military justice reform file, expectations for the Department of National Defence’s long-awaited victim bill of rights have heightened.

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Repeated promise on lowering emissions misses the mark, advocates say

By Palak Mangat November 2, 2021

Experts took aim at Canada’s repeated commitment to move toward a cap on emissions from the oil and gas sector yesterday, a move they fear ignores calls for the nation to bend “the curve of production.”

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Rae’s ‘letter’ outlining ‘rhetorical’ promises is wanting in details, says expert

By Palak Mangat October 14, 2021

A recent thinkpiece from Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations Bob Rae exploring the pandemic’s impact on isolationist global attitudes falls short of specifying files Ottawa needs to boost its “engagement” in, leaving one expert to draw her own conclusions on “rhetorical commitments” the official makes to multilateralism.

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‘Looks like nothing happened’: Hill watchers weigh in on the campaign that was

By Palak Mangat October 13, 2021

Plagued by no clear ballot box question and a “one-two punch” delivered by a high-profile premier, the 2021 election campaign will be remembered for delivering the same parliamentary hand to party captains despite being held against the backdrop of several “anomalies,” say experts and politicos.

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May’s op-ed shows she needs to ‘loosen the reins,’ says strategist

By Palak Mangat October 5, 2021

With the Greens in “crisis mode” amid the departure of Annamie Paul, one communications expert is urging former leader Elizabeth May to loosen her grip on the party following her recent public airing of grievances.

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Stock of fossil fuel subsidies still needed from Ottawa despite more ambitious goal, says expert

By Palak Mangat September 30, 2021

While a new “completely manageable” Liberal pledge is earning praise from one environmental group, critics say Ottawa remains behind the eight ball in transparency around the country’s existing “inventory” of oil and gas subsidies.

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Experts split on whether Conservatives’ committee makeup will impact leadership picture

By Palak Mangat September 24, 2021

With the new Parliament expected to see Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole attempt to curry favour within his similar-looking caucus in a bid to keep his job, committee roles could take on a renewed importance, one veteran Hill observer said.

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Trudeau admits high oil prices could throw a wrench in net-zero target

By Palak Mangat September 9, 2021

Federal party leaders’ debate styles were on full display last night at the French event, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s record on the environment was put to the test.

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AFN head vows to remain ‘neutral,’ declines doling out official endorsement

By Palak Mangat September 1, 2021

Newly-minted Assembly of First Nations National Chief RoseAnne Archibald sought to strike a diplomatic tone yesterday, shying away from endorsing any single party in the upcoming vote while laying out the group’s demands for whoever forms the next government.

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