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B.C. business groups tell finance committee they want lower taxes 

By Shannon Waters June 14, 2022

The Surrey Board of Trade and the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade want the province to conduct “a comprehensive tax review” as businesses find themselves “buried in provincial debt, rising inflation and an even higher cost of living” in the wake of the pandemic.

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Recommended B.C. legislature reforms still lacking after three years

By Shannon Waters June 6, 2022

In the wake of the 2018 legislature spending scandal, “significant changes” to the Legislative Assembly’s operations were made to ensure the fraud and breach of trust committed by ex-clerk Craig James “never happen again,” according to government house leader Mike Farnworth.

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Cadieux hopes to see ‘more people like me’ in BC Liberal caucus

By Shannon Waters May 2, 2022

Cadieux leaves with two pieces of business unfinished: her private member’s pay transparency legislation and a bill that would implement accessibility standards for new housing.

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B.C. mum on timeline for farm-gate cannabis sales

By Shannon Waters April 4, 2022

It was September 2020 when B.C first announced plans to “develop a farm-gate sales program” to give cannabis growers the ability to sell their products at their production sites. But one-quarter of the way through 2022, there is still no sign of what the program will look like — or when it will launch. 

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What federal parties can learn from confidence and supply in B.C.

By Shannon Waters March 23, 2022

British Columbians are no strangers to confidence-and-supply agreements like the one just signed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh after living under a government committed to a similar setup for just over three years.

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No free contraception in B.C.’s 2022 budget

By Shannon Waters February 28, 2022

When the NDP promised to make prescription contraception free in October 2020, Burnaby—Lougheed MLA Katrina Chen — the minister of state for child care — framed the campaign promise as a matter of fairness. But the government seems to be in no hurry to make good on that promise, as it was not mentioned in this year’s throne speech and Budget 2022 contained no new funding for the policy.

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B.C. craft cannabis industry seeks changes from government

By Shannon Waters February 3, 2022

The BC NDP and Ottawa could be doing more to support the west coast craft cannabis industry and create jobs, insiders say.

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Liberal leadership candidates pitch plans to tackle drug poisoning crisis

By Shannon Waters January 31, 2022

After more British Columbians died of overdoses in the first 10 months of 2021 than in any year previously, Liberal leadership hopefuls say it’s time to handle the crisis differently, even as the NDP government insists its efforts were working prior to the pandemic.

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Platform promise progress: Finance, Health, and Mental Health and Addictions

By Shannon Waters January 24, 2022

Following initial reporting on January 6, BC Today contacted all ministries requesting updates on relevant platform promises with the intent of providing comprehensive coverage of the government’s progress so far.

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The practicalities of paid sick leave

By Shannon Waters January 21, 2022

B.C.’s permanent employer-paid sick leave program took effect on January 1, providing all workers covered by the Employment Standards Act with five paid sick days per year after 90 days on the job.

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