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A tale of two Tories: How Ford and Kenney paved divergent paths to unpopularity during pandemic

By Sammy Hudes May 31, 2021

Curious eyes in Ontario couldn’t help but gaze west last week as Premier Jason Kenney declared Alberta on track for a “fully open” summer, as part of a relaunch plan more aggressive — and perhaps hopeful — than the one unveiled just days earlier 2,000 kilometres to the east.

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Public inquiry deadline extended again

By Catherine Griwkowsky May 20, 2021

The public inquiry into alleged foreign-funded anti-Alberta energy campaigns has been extended for a fourth time — with the government blaming delays on a 2019 lawsuit against the probe that was quashed this week.

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Hospitality businesses seek financial aid, bemoan lack of notice about shutdowns

By Catherine Griwkowsky May 13, 2021

Business groups are calling for greater financial support for restaurants and other service industries that have borne the brunt of public-health measures — and are still being hit the hardest amid the latest round of restrictions.

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Solicitor general unveils enforcement protocols ahead of planned protests

By Catherine Griwkowsky May 6, 2021

Justice Minister and Solicitor General Kaycee Madu revealed a new enforcement protocol, saying he expects police officers and health inspectors to work together and enforce public health restrictions.

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NDP out-fundraise governing UCP in first quarter

By Allison Smith April 26, 2021

The Alberta NDP raked in more than twice the amount in donations as the governing UCP for the first quarter of 2021.

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No fair deal in Ottawa’s budget: Toews

By Catherine Griwkowsky April 21, 2021

Finance Minister Travis Toews said Ottawa’s latest budget isn’t up to snuff when it comes to the increased fiscal fairness Alberta has asked for.

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Alberta premier ranks last for Covid response

By Catherine Griwkowsky April 12, 2021

Three-quarters of Albertans now say Premier Jason Kenney is doing a bad job stickhandling the Covid pandemic.

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Canada’s net-zero emissions target could cost up to 450,000 jobs

By Catherine Griwkowsky April 7, 2021

If Ottawa implements its 2050 net-zero emissions targets, 50 to 75 per cent of oil and gas jobs could be displaced.

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A Made-in-Alberta carbon levy

By Catherine Griwkowsky March 26, 2021

Canada’s top court ruled the federal carbon tax is constitutional and does not overstep Ottawa’s jurisdiction over provincial autonomy.

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Talking plastics: UCP wants to put producers in charge of recycling costs

By Catherine Griwkowsky March 18, 2021

Environment Minister Jason Nixon launched consultations on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a system where manufacturers pay for the cost of recycling their products.

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