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Alberta premier ranks last for Covid response

By Catherine Griwkowsky April 12, 2021

Three-quarters of Albertans now say Premier Jason Kenney is doing a bad job stickhandling the Covid pandemic.

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Canada’s net-zero emissions target could cost up to 450,000 jobs

By Catherine Griwkowsky April 7, 2021

If Ottawa implements its 2050 net-zero emissions targets, 50 to 75 per cent of oil and gas jobs could be displaced.

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A Made-in-Alberta carbon levy

By Catherine Griwkowsky March 26, 2021

Canada’s top court ruled the federal carbon tax is constitutional and does not overstep Ottawa’s jurisdiction over provincial autonomy.

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Talking plastics: UCP wants to put producers in charge of recycling costs

By Catherine Griwkowsky March 18, 2021

Environment Minister Jason Nixon launched consultations on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a system where manufacturers pay for the cost of recycling their products.

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UCP sets high bar for recall petitions in new bill

By Catherine Griwkowsky March 16, 2021

The government’s promised recall legislation was introduced Monday, which will allow voters to give an elected official the boot if enough constituents sign on to a recall petition.

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Premiers re-up health transfer ask, citing a surgical backlog

By Catherine Griwkowsky March 5, 2021

Premier Jason Kenney met with Canada’s other premiers on Thursday for a last-ditch attempt at pushing Ottawa to increase health transfers in its upcoming budget.

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Business Council of Alberta calls for increased taxes, less spending

By Catherine Griwkowsky February 18, 2021

A new policy paper from one of the province’s leading business groups urged the UCP government to find ways to increase revenues and lower spending.

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Rapid testing expands to asymptomatic oilsands, long-term care workers

By Catherine Griwkowsky February 10, 2021

Health Minister Tyler Shandro revealed that a study of rapid Covid tests has been quietly running at Suncor’s plant in Fort McMurray.

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Imperial Oil reports massive loss

By Catherine Griwkowsky February 3, 2021

Imperial Oil announced a fourth-quarter net loss of $1.15 billion, driven largely by undeveloped assets.

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NDP pulls ahead of UCP in fundraising on final day of 2020

By Catherine Griwkowsky January 22, 2021

The NDP is boasting a record for non-election year fundraising, pulling ahead of the governing UCP on the last day of the year.

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