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Ontario PC pollster floats back-to-work bill for teachers, separate health-care deal with feds

By Alan S. Hale January 23, 2023

A poll by PC-linked firm Campaign Research floats the possibility of Ontario cutting a solo deal with the federal government for an increase in federal health-care funding and asks respondents their views on Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.

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Exploration announced at critical time for Helium

By Catherine Griwkowsky January 23, 2023

As Energy Minister Peter Guthrie gets set to meet with industry stakeholders this week for discussions on the province’s critical minerals strategy, two major land acquisition announcements from a Calgary-based Global Helium could provide promising developments in helium exploration.

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Notley looking to move back into the premier’s office in 2023

By Catherine Griwkowsky January 4, 2023

NDP Leader Rachel Notley's appeal to “mainstream” Albertans who may feel alienated by the UCP is that her party offers a stable alternative.

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Alberta disability workers hopeful with new minister at the helm

By Catherine Griwkowsky October 26, 2022

Community disability workers are hopeful new Seniors, Community and Social Services Minister Jeremy Nixon will take action on long-standing calls for raises in the sector.

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UCP dissident Leela Aheer hopes to stay in the running

By Catherine Griwkowsky September 28, 2022

Polls that place Leela Aheer among the least likely to win the UCP leadership race aren’t fazing the candidate.

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Schulz thinking long term with leadership aspirations

By Catherine Griwkowsky August 18, 2022

Rebecca Schulz has her eyes set beyond winning the hearts and minds of UCP members in the leadership race.

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Danielle Smith seeking redemption, but not NDP voters

By Catherine Griwkowsky July 18, 2022

UCP leadership candidate Danielle Smith says the suggestion she is a polarizing candidate is “funny.” She sees herself as a unifier within the conservative movement.

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