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Danielle Smith seeking redemption, but not NDP voters

By Catherine Griwkowsky July 18, 2022

UCP leadership candidate Danielle Smith says the suggestion she is a polarizing candidate is “funny.” She sees herself as a unifier within the conservative movement.

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Rural Alberta gets a voice in UCP leadership race

By Catherine Griwkowsky June 7, 2022

Amisk Mayor Bill Rock wants rural Alberta to get attention in the UCP leadership race to replace Premier Jason Kenney.

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Kenney to step down after slim majority of UCP members approve of premier’s performance

By Catherine Griwkowsky May 19, 2022

Premier Jason Kenney announced he will step down as leader of the UCP after receiving 51.4 per cent support among his party members at a leadership review vote.

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Government ads to promote Jason Kenney’s new radio show

By Catherine Griwkowsky March 10, 2022

The UCP government has purchased ads on the Corus radio network in Alberta to promote a new weekly hour-long call-in show hosted by Premier Jason Kenney, which will begin airing this Saturday at 10 a.m.

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Coutts arrests prompt deeper look at extremist elements at protests

By Catherine Griwkowsky February 16, 2022

Peter Smith, a researcher and investigative journalist with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, told AB Today while there may be legitimate policy debates over public health mandates, organizers of the freedom convoy and blockades are inextricably entwined with anti-democratic, far-right movements. 

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Ministers, Opposition call for an end to border blockade

By Catherine Griwkowsky February 1, 2022

RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Curtis Peters told AB Today the blockade is “no longer a lawful protest” and the police are considering enforcement measures.

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What’s next for Notley: NDP leader talks next election in year-end interview

By Catherine Griwkowsky December 17, 2021

In a year-end interview with AB Today, NDP Leader Rachel Notley discussed the next election, Brian Jean's comeback, and her own mistakes in 2021.

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Backbenchers, Opposition push to address EMS shortage

By Catherine Griwkowsky November 29, 2021

Advocates and MLAs are sounding the alarm over an ambulance crisis in the province, but the Alberta Ombudsman says it is prohibited from investigating health authorities like Alberta Health Services.

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Premier pleads for unity, touts economic record at UCP AGM

By Catherine Griwkowsky November 22, 2021

Premier Jason Kenney delivered a message of economic hope to party members at the first in-person UCP AGM since 2019.

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