Trudeau and Horgan ‘giddy’ over possibility of Harry and Meghan’s move to Canada

By Shannon Waters January 14, 2020

Winter weather prevented Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from reaching Victoria yesterday for a face-to-face with Premier John Horgan, so instead, the two leaders spoke via “telepresence.”

Amidst talks on national unity and the softwood lumber dispute with the United States, the two leaders found time to discuss the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s plan to split their time between the United Kingdom and Canada, possibly by putting down roots in B.C.

“We’re both kind of giddy about it,” he told reporters. “I’m an Irish Republican. I’m delighted that the monarch is looking at putting down roots in British Columbia.”

The premier is proud of the fact that, during their December visit to Vancouver Island, Harry and Meghan were not harassed by reporters or residents.

“If they want to come back … I’m sure I could find something for Harry to do. And the film industry is booming in British Columbia,” the premier said, alluding to Meghan’s former acting career.

The subject of whether the federal or provincial government might be on the hook for the cost of the royal couple’s security detail did not come up, according to Horgan.

A Globe and Mail editorial published Monday evening calls on Trudeau to reject the Sussexes plan to relocate to Canadian soil.  

The editorial board argues having senior royals living in Canada would break “an unspoken constitutional taboo” and disrupt “the long-standing nature of the relationship between Canada and Britain, and Canada and the Crown.”

In a statement Monday, Queen Elizabeth II confirmed the couple would split their time between Canada and the UK during a “period of transition” while details about their future role in the Royal Family are finalized.