Government, opposition tied in new poll

By Catherine Griwkowsky September 15, 2020

If an election were held today, it could result in a draw between the UCP and NDP.
That’s according to a new poll from Angus Reid that shows 38 per cent support for both the governing UCP and the opposition NDP. 
“A year and a half of governing appears to be souring Albertans on the UCP,” a news release from the Angus Reid Institute states.
Nine per cent of respondents said they would cast a ballot for the Alberta Party, seven per cent would vote for the new Alberta Independence Party, and eight per cent favour other parties, such as the Greens and Liberals.
Only 70 per cent of people who voted UCP last summer say they would do so again now. 
Of the 30 per cent who have swapped parties, 12 per cent now support the Alberta Independence Party, which is gaining ground amid the mainstreaming of the Wexit movement.
The lagging economy appears to be what is hurting Premier Jason Kenney’s government the most. 
It was the number one issue for respondents, above both health care and the energy file. But only 38 per cent of Albertans said they believed the provincial government is performing well when it comes to bolstering the province’s economic engine. 
When asked about their personal financial situation, 55 per cent of UCP voters said they are worse off than a year ago, compared to only 10 per cent who feel better off. 
On the health-care front, three in five respondents say the government has done a “poor job” on the file. 
The governing party saw its largest erosion of support in the 35 to 54 age group. While 55 per cent of that group of voters cast a ballot for the UCP in the 2019 election, only 35 per cent said they would do the same now.
Overall, just 37 per cent of respondents approve of the UCP government’s performance, tying it with Manitoba in second last place countrywide. Only Nova Scotia’s government fared worse at 31 per cent.
While the UCP shed support to the Alberta Independence Party, NDP voters remained loyal. Ninety-six percent of those who voted NDP in the last election said they would vote the same way today.
NDP Leader Rachel Notley responded to the poll on Twitter.
“My fellow Albertans, we will keep working to earn your support and we will keep fighting for the things that matter,” Notley said. “We have heard that you want stability in healthcare, safe schools, and actual job creation and economic growth.”
The survey was conducted between August 26 and September 1, 2020, using a representative randomized sample of 599 Albertans. It has a margin of error of four percentage points, 19 times out of 20.